10 Steps to Detoxification

Computers, Internet, cell phones, digital cameras and DVDs. Humans should definitely not eat technology! But today it is happening as a result of the attack of chemicals in our foods and environments and the imminent danger of chemical warfare.

This second, your physical body is working mysteriously in the same way that the human body functioned 10,000 years ago. Because our bodies today are just like in the past, eating, drinking and living are as important as centuries – past. Cancer rates and heart disease in the United States alone are among the highest in the world as a result of technology interfering with our food supply and living environment.

Why a lot?

Dishes are not clean, do they? When toxic metals and chemical food additives are found inside your body, there is a strong “cleanser” to clean your body from the inside. The combination of vitamins and minerals through detoxification works in this fashion to remove toxins from your body tissues and body parts within your water stores, fat deposits and your bloodstream. Natural cleansing is important for removing the body’s toxins, and prevents them from re-depositing elsewhere in the body.

Side-effects of by-products of toxins such as lead, mercury, and aspartame’s formic acid and formaldehyde prevent nutrients from blocking the lead shield to normal body cells during X-rays.

If toxins are present within your body, oxygen and the body’s “food supply” cannot reach inside your cells to supply the necessary nutrients, nor can the cells’ waste products exit. Diseases like cancer, is now an environment in which to be made.


The basic philosophy behind any effective detox program is to identify, remove and restore it.

  • Identify which toxins are at the root of your health problems.
  • Identification = Child Analysis
  • Clean your body and remove toxins.
  • Removal = detoxification 
  • Restore lost nutrients. 
  • Restore = nutritional supplements

As each layer is removed through detoxification, soaking the onion out of the layers, the underlying layers reveal exactly what is behind the symptoms of the disease. The deeper you go to overcome the ‘core’ of the problem, the longer medical reality will become.


Start with detoxing your body of all residual chemical toxins and see if any adverse health symptoms remain. Try these steps for yourself, and should improve if your symptoms do not completely disappear within 30 days.

Step ten:

  • Remove all chemicals from your diet.
  • Learn to ‘read’ your body. Start recording any health changes.
  • Get a hair analysis.
  • Be happy with yourself
  • Detoxify.
  • Restore the destroyed nutrients
  • Exercise and get plenty of rest.
  • Eat 75% raw foods at every meal.
  • Drink water.
  • Get control of your life.

Do not ignore the fact that medicine takes faith, personal strength and perseverance from illness and disease. Disease and degenerative diseases can be considered old-fashioned and ineffective in comparison to today’s high-tech prescriptions, but it is important that humans remember that the roots of disease and their treatment are as old as the body. Huh. Self, and treatment begins with SELF.

What is a Child Analysis?

A hair analysis actually determines which chemicals are inside you, including radiation. Generic medical lab tests do not identify deep tissue toxins nor do they contain nutrients the same way a hair analysis does.

Protein in fiber fiber regulates the formation of body tissues for an indefinite period of time. By analyzing the texture of your hair, you can tell what toxins accumulate in the bones of the body and which vitamins and minerals are reduced or too much to cause imbalances in the body’s function. By misleading non-natural chemicals and by adding certain vitamins to each of your needs, proper health can be restored using nutrition. Human hair analysis produces these levels, making hair processing the most HUGE tool out there.

The link below provides a hair analysis report of a sample of twenty year old men in mercury. Andy has been a vegetarian for most of his life, and has been eating herbal foods every day. His worst toxicity was low and his nutrients nearly equal, but his mercury levels were much higher which is when he finished his lithium stores. Lithium is a sensitive substance that supports emotional and hormonal development.

 Assuming he had a ‘healthy’ diet, Andy would have known no health hazards within his tissues and blood without hair analysis. She is relieved to know that she has prevented future health problems, and now knows how to adjust her diet and supplement to achieve optimal health.

Good food works.

Take the time to see what time you may have experienced when you were getting nutrition and what ‘poison’ you were experiencing. Move your body through all the natural and digestive chemicals you have been exposed to for the rest of your life.

Replace the eliminated nutrients by using the right ingredients and whole foods.

Poison is still the cause of many diseases, and once they are removed, life returns. An effective detoxization program removes the source of symptoms of illnesses, such as aspartame poisoning or radiation poisoning, transports toxins from the body, and restores certain nutrients to regain health. Movement removes toxins from chemicals quickly and can actually remove excess toxins from your body and organs, your stores of water, and fat stores in your bloodstream, as well as help get rid of these toxins through the intestines and parasites.

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