Laughter and Happiness in 7 Days

Chances are you believe that happiness actually makes your life better. One of the best ways to create true happiness is through laughter. In just 7 days you can find yourself laughing more often and enjoy your life more!

Day 1: Take the negative from the positive

Most people focus on negativity and therefore create more negativity in their lives. Once you are able to take positivity out of negativity, more positivity will enter your life. So how do you do it?  Then Ask, “Would thinking this make me feel better?” If yes, ask yourself, “Who’s stopping me from thinking like this? From that point forward, you will be able to use the same questions to take positivity out of any negative situation.

Day 2: Focus on the positive

By focusing on positivity you are making it more welcome in your life. Even if you do not believe that you are still creating a positive situation for yourself. You get what you want is the easiest way to understand it. The more you think about positivity, the stronger you desire. So remember, when you regularly focus on positivity it will regularly enter your life and improve.

Day 3: Share positivity

Now that you welcome extreme positivity in your life, it is important for you to share it with others. Talk with people, laugh at humor, and remember positive points. Share stories that made you laugh, smile, and cheer you up; Which were not unpleasant. Recall events that affect your life in a positive way. The most important thing is to be enthusiastic when you are telling a story and when you are listening to someone. When you show enthusiasm for someone else’s stories, it creates even more excitement for that person, and for yourself!

Day 4: : Surround yourself with smart hearted individuals

This will allow you to share positivity at levels you did not expect. When you surround yourself with good hearted people, it is best on both sides. Good hearted people will increase your happiness, enthusiasm and laughter. Having trouble finding one? Just look for the person who encourages, cares and appreciates without cause and without fail.

Day 5: Be a good hearted person

You will inevitably become a good hearted person after time. This transition creates a positive attitude in you that was previously overlooked. It enables you to laugh when something does not go according to plan; As being angry or upset. You start laughing more because you get an understanding that the more you laugh, the more you become happy.

Day 6: Laugh on the negative

You will find yourself laughing at the negative as you understand the principles to focus your attention. You understand that negativity is just a test and with your laughter and positive attitude, you will pass with flying colors. A person’s true character is shown when that person faces a challenge. Laughing at it, you show the positive person who defines you.

Day 7: Laugh more and more

By now, you’ve probably figured out additional ways to laugh more and enjoy your life. A great way is to laugh as much as possible. Laughter when you feel the urge, when something goes wrong, when something strange happens. Before you realize, your life will be filled with laughter, positivity and happiness. So, laugh more and live a lot!

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